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Tyrande Whisperwind - who she is and how to get her

Everything we know about the new Hero heading to Hearthstone.

If you followed our news story earlier, you'll be aware that Hearthstone has not just been updated with a new one-off card-bundle and a host of Arena changes, it's also tucked a new Hero into a corner of the game's interface.

The Hero's name is Tyrande Whisperwind: a character you may or may not be aware of, depending on how clued up you are on your lore in the wider Warcraft universe.

She's - rather annoyingly - not actually available to unlock in the game right now, and so we thought it was worth taking the time to put together a quick article on everything we know about her, ahead of her official unveiling.

We'll update this guide over time, and as new information is released by Blizzard.

UPDATE - Blizzard has just revealed that Tyrande Whisperwind will be made available to those players who sign up to the just-announced Twitch Prime service. You will need to link your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account by 6th November in order to unlock the new Priest Hero. You can link your accounts easily enough by using the direct link to Twitch Prime

Who is Tyrande?

Time for a quick lore update. Tyrande Whisperwind is a character who originated in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and is a High Priestess of Elune. You may or may not have heard of her husband Malfurion Stormrage - he's kind of a big deal too.

She's been a popular character throughout the Warcraft series, right up into the mighty World of Warcraft, and so has always been a likely character for Blizzard to pay tribute to in Hearthstone.

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Is Tyrande a new Hero for Hearthstone?

The main thing we can be pretty sure of is that Tyrande Whisperwind is not a new Hero altogether - not unless Blizzard has developed an extremely mischievous sense of humour, that is.

Instead, Tyrande is almost certainly - certainly - a replacement portrait for our friend Anduin, the Priest. He's a Priest, she's a Priestess, so it all makes sense. A truly new Hero archetype would almost certainly be very different in positioning, and would also arrive with a lot more fanfare.

Seriously, don't get your hopes up.

How to get Tyrande Whisperwind

All we know right know is that Tyrande is part of an upcoming promotion for Hearthstone. Blizzard has in the past used new Hero portraits to raise money for charity, encourage players to sign their friends up to the game, reach certain milestones in other Blizzard titles, or just put some good old-fashioned cash in the bank.

It's a little strange to see Tyrande pop up in the game without any mention of how you actually obtain her though. The fact that she doesn't yet appear in the Hearthstone Shop section of the game's interface suggests to us that she'll be unlocked through some kind of activity - either in Hearthstone itself or in another of the developer's titles.

Blizzard developers have also stated in the past that they weren't satisfied with the way the initial set of new portraits for the Hunter and Warrior were locked behind a paywall. Once we know exactly what you have to to get your hands on Tyrande, we'll update this article.

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