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Ubisoft Forward stream next week will show what Gods & Monsters has become

lol @ 'Immortals Fenyx Rising'

Ubisoft have announced another one of their Ubisoft Forward streams for September 10th, blasting more announcements and trailers. Along with the promise of a few surprises, it'll bring news on games including Watch Dogs: Legion and the cheery Zelda-lookin' action-adventure game Gods & Monsters. And yup, as rumoured, Ubisoft have indeed renamed Gods & Monsters with the infinitely-inferior moniker Immortals Fenyx Rising. Oh dear.

Ubi say the September Ubisoft Forward will include looks at "what's in store for games like Watch Dogs: Legion, Hyper Scape, and Rainbow Six Siege, as well as a much-anticipated update on our new IP, Immortals Fenyx Rising, formerly known as Gods & Monsters, and more yet-to-be revealed surprises."

When Ubisoft announced Gods & Monsters Immortals Fenyx Rising back in June 2019, they described it as "an open world action adventure game full of epic battles and quests" with dungeons, mythical monsters, and such. They've not said or shown much of anything since then, so it's broadly settled in my memory as maybe kinda a Legend Of Zelda fantasy doodad themed vaguely around Greek mythology. Now they've given it the most 'generic PlayStation 2 platformer' game name I've heard this decade, and it's hard not to think less of it. I suppose we'll actually see next Thursday.

Here's the Gods & Monsters cinematic trailer from E3 2019:

September's Ubisoft Forward stream will start at 8pm (noon Pacific) on Thursday the 10th. It'll be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, and Ubisoft's site. Ubisoft also note in their announcement that watching it can get you free trinkets and baubles in For Honor, R6 Siege, Hyper Scape, and Watch Dogs: Legion. Hopefully that'll go smoother than an earlier Forward's Watch Dogs 2 giveaway.

I hope to christ Ubisoft have the sense and decency to say and show nothing of Tom Clancy's Elite Squad. The mobile game's intro cinematic clumsily (and supposedly accidentally) tapped into the current political climate, showing protesters with raised fist iconography who actually are pawns of a shadowy organisation "that wants to build a new world order" and carries out "deadly terrorist attacks to generate even more chaos and weaken governments... at the cost of many innocent lives." Ubisoft issued a crap apology saying oh they didn't mean Black Lives Matter or anything, oh no, they didn't think of that, oh no. If it was unintentional, it still demonstrated an unfathomable lack of thought - even by the standards of a game series often about how extrajudicial death squads are good, actually.

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