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New Avatar game coming from The Division studio

Second time's a charm?

Any time I read that there are four more Avatar movies on the way, I involuntarily ask the air "FOUR?" You can add another video game to the list of things starring James Cameron's spacesmurfs, as Ubisoft have announced one coming from their Massive studio - the mob behind Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment's Tom Clancy's The Division. Ubisoft already released a mediocre Avatar game alongside the first movie so hey, maybe they'll make a good one this time.

All we know for certain is that Massive will build their yet-unnamed Avatar game [official site] in their own engine, Snowdrop. That's the one they built The Division on. Beyond that, I'd broadly speculate that it involves some elements of running, jumping, shooting, and possibly flying. Call it a hunch.

To celebrate the announcement, James Cameron and Ubisoft have whipped together a video which shows clips from the movie and lots of people talking about how they want to make a pretty video game:

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I like pretty video games, and I too hope this one is pretty. Pandora is a beautiful place and I'd like to virtually visit a nice version of it. Bonus points if it's a walking simulator. Go on, Ubisoft. I dare you. Double dog dare you. Triple spacedog dare you.

No word yet on when this, whatever it is, will arrive. Ubisoft did acknowledge that their first Avatar game was harmed by rushing to meet the movie launch, so one would hope they remember that. Avatar 2, the movie, is due in December 2018, followed by sequels in 2020, 2022, and 2023.



Fun fact: watching Avatar is how I discovered my eagle eyes aren't fooled by this newfangled 3D trickery. While everyone around me cooed and gasped at the spectacle, I was left with a smear and -- god help me! -- three hours of that script and acting.

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