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Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is coming out on December 7th

Plus a chunky new gameplay trailer that sure looks like Avatar: Far Cry

After several years missing in action, Ubisoft have put a date on their open world first-person Avatar game. Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora will arrive on PC on December 7th later this year, tonight's Ubisoft Forward showcase confirmed, and cor, it sure is cribbing hard on a lot of scenes from the first film, isn't it? Come have a watch of the new six-minute gameplay trailer below.

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Frontiers Of Pandora kicks off when the RDA expands their operations to the Western Frontier. Your Na'vi gets abducted by the RDA and trained to attack your own kind, but a big attack on the western base forces your human handlers to stick you in a big blue cyro tube until it's safe. Fast forward 15 years and hey presto, the world is all shiny and new and waiting to be explored again.

In a classic twist no one saw coming, you're now not best pleased with the RDA, and so you'll be spending a lot of your time making new friends with other Na'vi clans to take them down once and for all. That means bombing about in the big open world of Pandora, and discovering new regions previously not seen in either of the films - though you'll still get to visit the Floating Mountains to get your own Ikran, I should add.

The Ikran will be your air transport in the game, but you'll also be able to stick your ponytail into direhorses to ride about on horseback, too. Whether you'll be able to ride either of them straight into the RDA stronghold facilities, though, is anyone's guess. Probably, given this is an Ubisoft game, though you may feel more comfortable just charging in with an assault rifle. I guess that human combat training came in handy after all, huh?

It also looks like you'll have a version of Far Cry's eagle vision, too, letting you highlight enemies and identify weak points. Personally, I'm just looking forward to taking down those big helicopter lads with a single arrow from my Na'vi bow.

We'll have more thoughts about how Avatar's shaping up on the site in just a little bit, so keep your eyes peeled for Ed's thoughts direct from LA.

And in case you forgot, that's a release date of December 7th to put in your calendars.

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