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Ubisoft suing Rainbow 6 cheatmaker who talked about his works on the BBC


Ubisoft's lawyers have loaded their lawguns and stacked up to breach and clear the coffers of a team who make and sell cheats for Rainbow 6 Siege. They believe a Dutch teenager is a key figure in MizuSoft, whose cheat includes the usual wallhack and recoil-cancelling and such, and his mother is helping process its subscription payments. Ubisoft say they spend a whole lot of time and money trying to stamp out cheats, so they've filed suit to make them knock it off and pay a big stack of cash in damages. Curiously, the main cheatmaker seems to be someone who talked about his creation on the BBC.

"Ubisoft's business depends upon its games being enjoyable and fair for all players, and Ubisoft spends an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that this is the case," the company say in the suit filed on Thursday (picked up by TorrentFreak). "The [cheat] destroys the integrity of R6S, thereby alienating and frustrating legitimate players. Defendants' sale and distribution of the Cheating Software, especially in the United States, has caused severe harm to Ubisoft, including irreparable damage to its goodwill and reputation."

Which, yeah, is all true.

The company are going after a dozen defendants, two of whom they think they know, six they only know by Internet handles, and some mystery people. Ubisoft claim they violate the Digital Millenium Copyright Act in making and selling the cheat and circumventing their own anti-cheat tech, and also "maliciously induced" players to breach Ubi's agreements with cheats.

Ubi say MizuSoft sold access to the cheat for €12 per day (£10.50), €30 per week (£26), or €70 per month (£61.50) and damn, that is not cheap. Back in the day you just needed to know a shady character to sling you a Ratbot on IRC. I think I'd feel ashamed paying that much for a cheat.

Unusually, the primary defendant seems to have recently talked about making cheats in a wee BBC video. The lawsuit uses a quote from that as evidence he knew it was wrong: "if Ubisoft decides to come after you because of copyright infringement, then you're in for a tough time." You're not wrong there, pal.

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