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Upgrade your gaming laptop with 32GB of DDR4-3200 RAM at 10-15% off at Crucial UK

Not all machines are compatible, so do check this first!

Crucial's 3200MT/s CL22 laptop RAM is a great upgrade for gaming laptops with slower DDR4 memory, and now you can pick up a 2x8GB kit for £33 with the use of a 10% code at Crucial's UK site. To get this price, use code 10CRUCIAL at the checkout.

It's also possible to get a greater discount by using the site's System Scanner, which ensures the RAM is a good fit for your system and should offer you 15% off instead - bringing the price to around £31.60. This also works on other RAM from the site, eg this 32GB kit, so it's well worth trying out!

So who is this deal meant for? In my eyes, it's anyone that has a laptop with 2133MT/s to 2400MT/s memory, but whose laptop supports faster speeds up to the 3200MT/s offered here. Alternatively, if you have only have a single stick of RAM, replacing this with a proper dual-channel setup will provide a big performance boost even without it running at a higher frequency.

It's fairly common to see laptops lock down RAM controls though, so it makes sense to ensure that your machine does have this particular option unlocked in the BIOS. It's also possible to use Intel's XTU utility to change RAM speeds, although I haven't done this myself on a laptop and your particular model may be locked down - perhaps something to check before buying!

Regardless, this is a good price for RAM of this spec, so I hope it's useful info!

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