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Valheim mod lets you overclock your smelters

Do you sacrifice stability for speed?

After a strong mining sesh in Valheim, I believe there's no greater agony than smelting all the ore I've gathered. Yes, it's satisfying, but I am a terribly impatient individual who demands my metal bars now, not later. That's why a mod which lets me overclock my smelters, kilns, and blast furnaces with Surtling Cores has me interested. Finally, I can speed up the process.

A clever viking by the name of "MarcoPogo" has created a Valheim mod called "Surtling Core Overlocking". It lets you transform any Surtling Cores you've got lying around into "Overclock Cores" that can be slotted into your kiln, smelter, or blast furnace to boost their productivity.

There are three different types of overclock cores you can bung into your smelters: Speed, Efficiency, and Productivity. And you'll need to strike a careful balance when doing so, as too much of one without the other could lead to disastrous results.

Optimal smelting performance doesn't come cheap either. You'll need a Forge and an Artisan Table to get started, followed by Surtling Cores, and a variety of materials to give them that special overclocking touch.

A screenshot of the Surtling Core Overclocking mod which shows the Overlock Speed Core in the crafting menu. It increases speed but at the cost of efficiency.

I know what you're thinking, "Ed, could you not just like, cheat? You know, turn up the numbers so smelting speed is super fast?". Of course! But that's neither interesting nor fun. MarcoPogo's overclocking mod at least turns my pursuit for pace into a careful balancing act that feels like it's a part of Valheim's world, as opposed to, well, opening up the command console on the sly and feeling naughty.

If this all overclocking business sounds a bit too complex, then might I suggest another Valheim mod that lets you turn your viking into a walking horror?

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