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Valheim mod lets you turn your viking into a walking horror

Give your viking the glow-up they deserve

Everyone in my Valheim viking clan looks practically identical to one another. We're all the same height, the same build, the same everything - how dull. Not for much longer, though, as there's a mod that lets us reshape our character's bodies like they're made of plasticine.

A scientific pioneer by the name of "an0nymooose" has created "Bonemod", a Valheim mod that lets you change the scale of your character's body parts through a variety of chat commands. Essentially, it allows us to mould our viking characters into Johnny Bravos with T. rex arms, or humanoid hot-air balloons. The possibilities are endless.

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Bonemod works in multiplayer and will even reapply your character's settings when you log back in. And as long as everyone on your server has the mod installed, you'll all see each other's daft creations.

I have spent a good while simply laughing at the images which sold this mod to me. I think it appeals to a primal sense of humour within me, one that goes: "Wait, that's not a viking, that's a mushroom with limbs, haha!".

If you're after a different sort of bone-related mod, then "aedenthorn" has created one called "Play As Skeleton". As the name suggests, it lets you play as a rickety skeleton that wears nice shorts.

A Valheim patch went live last night too, which makes farming with campfires harder.

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