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Valheim patch makes farming with campfires harder

Plus lots of other tweaks and fixes

Valheim gets regular small updates, but as small updates go, today's was a reasonably big selection of tweaks and fixes for the viking survival sim.

Among the changes are an increase in reinforced chest inventory space to 6x4, a tweak to make it easier to hit multiple enemies with a battle axe, and more buoyant boss drops so they'll float on water.

Those sound like helpful tweaks, but the campfire, bonfire and hearth will also now "take damage when dealing damage", which will make it harder for players to build industrial-scale operations for farming certain enemies (and even bosses) by burning them to death.

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The patch also brings a bunch of fixes, including continued tweaks to the game's networking which should help it "work better on low bandwidth connections" and do better at detecting bad connections.

The console command for enabling debug commands is now "devcommands" rather than "imacheater", which seems a bit friendlier. You'll also need to first enable the console now, by adding "-console" as a launch argument within Steam. We'll need to update our page of Valheim cheats.

You can see the full list of changes over on Steam. If you still don't know what the fuss is about with Valheim, I suggest reading Ed's posts on the carrot saga. If you do know what the fuss is about, I suggest checking out some mods, like this daft Attack On Valheim that adds Attack On Titan-style grapple hooks to the game.

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