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Valorant leak reveals new agent is another tricksy teleporter

He can go fully invisible AND invulnerable and I already don't want to play against him

With Valorant's current season (or Act) finishing up next week, you might find yourself wondering what new stuff is in store for Riot Games' magical tactical FPS. Well, according to a Russian leak, a new character is on the way. It looks like Agent 14 will be a new sneaky teleporting lad named Yoru, who can fake footsteps and turn himself completely invisible. I already don't want to fight against him.

The leak videos below were first shared over the weekend by YouTube channel "БАЧОК" (which Google translate says means "Tank"), giving an idea of this possible new character's abilities, as well as a look at what the next battle pass might contain.

His kit reminds me a little of Omen's, the current edgy teleporting character that Matt Cox (RPS in peace) so liked to stealth around with. Have a watch for yourself (though if you haven't been practising your Russian it might be a little bit difficult to understand).

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to the vid and a helpful translation from Reddit user "kuroi_kaze_" we know Yoru's potential abilities all involve a cheeky bit of subterfuge. His Z skill will send fake footsteps out, which could be used to bait enemies in thinking you're wandering in that direction. His X ability is a flash which will pop and blind players after hitting a surface.

Pressing C places a portal which you can set to be still or zoom along the ground. Yoru can then teleport back to it when he fancies (a bit like Sombra in Overwatch). Last but not least, his Ultimate ability (Q) makes him invisible and invulnerable for a limited time.

It's not just the new character that's been leaked though, the next battle pass and some pretty key art (used in the header image above) have been revealed too, which you can catch a glimpse of in this vid.

Watch on YouTube

This stuff looks pretty legit, but it is still a leak, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

Valorant's third Act is expected to end sometime next week, with Act 4 following not long after. Hopefully we'll find out some official details about this shifty interdimensional agent soon.

In the meantime, you could read my epic tale of why it's a bad idea to bake banana bread and play Valorant at the same time.

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