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Valorant's new $100 skins will turn your guns into dragons

They'll set you back a whopping £100

What is a free-to-play game, truly, without super cool overpriced skins? Valorant, Riot's CS-like tactical shooter, has just revealed its new line of Elderflame gun skins, which turn your weapons into fiery, roaring, wiggly dragons. They're fully animated, swinging around to look at you after you get a kill, and you even reload them by politely handing over ammunition for them to consume. You'll be able to grab the set from Friday - but fair warning, it'll set you back a whopping £100/$100.

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There are five tiers for skins in Valorant - Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive. The Elderflame skins are part of the very first Ultra Edition set, with each skin costing 2475 VP (Valorant Points). Now, if you want to buy just one skin, the lowest amount of VP you can buy to afford one is 3650 for $35 over in the US, or 4000 for £35 here in the UK. Not ideal. If you fancy splashing out and getting all four skins in the bundle, however, it's going to cost you $100/£100 to buy the largest amount of VP you can to get them. Yikes.

We have a nifty Valorant store guide with price conversions and plenty more info on all those Valorant Point bundles if you need any help.

I don't think I could live with myself if I spent £100 on a video game weapon skin. But we all know plenty of players that will inevitably buy these. All I need to do is wait until one of my teammates who's actually good at Valorant kills those players so I can nab their pretty guns off their corpses. Then for a brief couple of rounds, I too will be able to experience the thrill of having a wiggly dragon gun.

In other Valorant news, there was a tiny update this week with a few changes here and there. For fans of the Spike Rush game mode there's a new orb for you click on, the Guardian gun has had a few tweaks to make it more viable, and some of the maps have had bugs removed that were allowing players to clip through the occasional wall. Check out the update 1.03 patch notes for more.

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