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Valorant's next Agent is vampiric heart-taker Reyna

Break my heart

Between the end of closed beta and next week's official launch, we're in something of a Valorant dead-zone. To make sure you haven't forgotten about their new tactical wizard shoot 'em up, Riot have filled this short break with a teaser for Valorant's eleventh superpowered soldier - a purple-clad disruption vampire who grows in power with each and every kill.

Following a weekend of speculation and regional leaks, Riot announced aggressive soul-stealer Reyna as Valorant's first post-launch Agent through a brief showcase vid on Twitter.

As is the norm for Valorant character reveals, we don't get the full rundown of Reyna's abilities in this Tweet. But fans on Reddit discovered a Spanish-language article from Millenium shared by one of Riot's regional brand managers that seems to outline the new Agent's toolkit (cheers, Dot Esports).

The article suggests that those orbs shown in Reyna's teaser are dropped every time an enemy player is killed. Collecting these with either her Q or E ability will grant Reyna three seconds of regeneration or invulnerability respectively. That eye she fires off is her C ability, a temporary trap that blinds enemies who let it appears on their screen.

The one ability we don't see is Reyna's ultimate, Empress. Millenium suggests this boosts her ability regeneration rate while upping her rate of fire - letting her blast out bullets and blind spots at a startling speed. It's also noted that her ult can be somehow "combined" with her E ability to become completely invisible.

If true, Reyna seems a dangerous hero to let live - growing in disruption potential the longer she's left to wrack up kills. But we won't know for certain until she makes her full debut around Valorant's full release on Tuesday, June 2nd, along with a new map and gamemode. Keen-eyed readers might actually notice Valorant's new launch map in the background of Reyna's showcase.

It'd be foolish to speculate based on the one chokepoint shown - but it looks kinda like that courtyard Counter-Strike's Italy. Sort of. If you squint real hard.

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