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Viagame Hearthstone House Cup #2 - Hoej Decklists

All of the decks used by the tournament's winner.

The Viagame House Cup #2 concluded this weekend, with Danish player Frederik 'Hoej' Nielsen taking pole position after beating Luo 'Roger' Shengyuan in the final match on Sunday evening.

The decks he used to win the tournament were pretty standard for the most part, but there were some fun tweaks sprinkled throughout the collection of otherwise classic deck archetypes.

If you fancy taking some of these decks out for a spin, we've included some thoughts on each one of them a little further on down the page. Good luck repeating the winner's success!

Viagame House Cup #2 - Hoej's Druid

Hoej chose to mix up a little bit of Midrange with a little bit of Ramp for his Druid entry at the House Cup finals. The Sunwalkers and the Kel'Thuzad represent the most interesting inclusions here, presenting an agonising defensive wall for any aggressive player to try and bust through in the late-game.

Viagame House Cup #2 - Hoej's Face Hunter

Love it or loathe it there's no denying the power of the Face Hunter, and Hoej's formulation of the deck archetype is pretty conventional really. Get on the board, get in the opponent's face, and keep doing damage until they beg for mercy. Or just lose.

Viagame House Cup #2 - Hoej's Mech Shaman

While it's popularity has waned a little in recent weeks, the Mech Shaman is still chugging along quite merrily in the current metagame, and so it was no surprise to see it pop up in the tournament. This is as solid an interpretation of the deck archetype as you can expect to find anywhere - just a shame we can't all play it as well as the finalist, eh?

Viagame House Cup #2 - Hoej's Control Warrior

Again, a very familiar looking deck here, with all of the core characters you've come to expect from the classic Control Warrior deck. If you've played with this deck type before, there's nothing much here that will surprise you.

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