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Vid bud Liam Richardson is departing RPS, come say goodbye

One final fade out

RPS video producer Liam Richardson walks down a street with a cartoon Horace nearby
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Sad tidings, folks. Today is vid bud Liam Richardson's last day at RPS. After a glorious eighteen months of photoshopping creepy smiles onto thumbnails and making a staggering 125 videos about our beloved PC games, Liam is returning to the world from whence he came: the wild frontiers of software design. It's been a pleasure having him, even if but for a brief window of time, and I invite you all to come and bid him a fond farewell below.

Liam joined us in February 2022, and cor, talk about throwing him into the deep end, what with Elden Ring, Lost Ark and the Steam Deck all mere weeks away at that point. But Liam rose to meet all those challenges with aplomb, bringing his characteristic energy and enthusiasm to every video he made, whether it was chatting with another member of the RPS Treehouse about the latest releases and previews, putting games under a forensic microscope to hunt down tiny little nugget-sized details, or asking big, important questions like, 'Can we beat this game in time to get a refund?' (said game being: Refund Me If You Can).

An artist's rendition of our collective RPS Treehouse emotions right now... Watch on YouTube

Liam also spearheaded our RPS@PAX coverage, a new project we started last year, also mere weeks after he joined us. I had the pleasure of joining him on our first PAX adventure, and I still think his deep dive into the Pinny Arcade community is one of my favourite RPS videos we've ever produced. Likewise, Liam's breakdown of all the best carpets at PAX, which yes, is as unhinged as it sounds. Listen, we were both very tired, and jet lag did some strange things to Liam's sanity on that trip. And of course, how could we forget, his interview with the voice cast of Team Fortress 2 at PAX West last year? A true standout.

But of all the amazing work Liam did during his time with us, it's his Inventory Space series that he worked on with Edders that I'll miss the most. This looked at the colossal demands made by live service games on both our time and our patience, and most importantly, what it was like to play them as a complete newcomer? Just how easy is it to get into World Of Warcraft these days? Spoilers: it's an absolute trash fire. And just how much can a great FPS experience pave over the cracks in Destiny 2's MMO-scale raids? Answer: it's complicated.

Liam's list of achievements go on. He also lent his northern tones to our Indiescovery podcast (RPS in peace), he was one of our avid Steam Deck enthusiasts, and he remains probably the only person to have ever truly, deeply loved Fortnite in the entire RPS Treehouse, ever.

I won't forgive him for insisting Sonic Frontiers is good, actually, though. That's just plain crazy talk.

Still, dodgy Sonic takes aside, we'll miss Liam greatly, and so please join me in the comments to wish him a fond farewell and a final like and subscribe.

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