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Video: Bus Simulator 18's multiplayer will break your bank balance (and maybe your bones)

Hell to the bus driver

The news that Bus Simulator 18 had added a multiplayer mode caused quite the ripple in the RPS treehouse. For one afternoon cat pics and Brendy’s weird GIFs made way for dreams of glorious four bus convoys, all honking horns and sliding open doors in perfect unison. The reality, as I discovered with Noa, is more frightening. This is an unforgiving world where the tiniest traffic infraction lumbers with you with a fine that could cripple a small nation. Even worse: human wrists snap, Exorcist-like, in 360-degree contortions. Horror games always make for good let’s play videos; I just didn’t realise we were signing up for one.

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I think that end rating was a bit harsh. Yes, I did manage to break the first rule of Bus Driving Club by losing a bus full of passengers (the second rule: speed up if you see someone running for the stop), but it was a smooth ride for the period I was behind the wheel. Noa should at least get some bonus points for trying to find them. Sadly, she’s the real loser in all of this, as it was her company we managed to drive into the ground. She fired me soon after we stopped filming and I’ve gone back to plastering my giant face onto the side of derelict buildings.

If you enjoyed our bus adventure, why not sign up for the RPS YouTube channel for more of this kind of thing? And if you want to go bankrupt pranging your own pretend bus, Bus Simulator 18 is out now on Steam.

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