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Video: You Should be Playing… Duskers (and some other recommendations, too)

In space... no one can hear you pillage

Have you checked in on the Rock Paper Shotgun Video Department recently? We’ve been slowly populating the YouTube channel with previews, lists, and terrible bus company management. But we’ve also been sowing the seeds of a new series as we went... so quietly in fact, I’m fairly sure it passed a lot of you by. But now, as in Matthew and I’s Stardew Valley shenanigans, we have a nice little row of saplings to show off, so here goes. Get your scissors ready, because we are about to cut this ‘You Should Be Playing’ series ribbon!

As you definitely guessed from the title, because you are a smart community of good brains, it is a series where someone on the video team recommends a game they love, whether it be for the sound design, the systems, the atmosphere or a particularly satisfying ‘bleep-bloop’ when you select one of the menu options. We then wrap it up in a nice tea-break length video. In the most recent episode, I recommended Duskers, the drone-filled survival game that won over our own Brendy back in the day, and now impresses me for the following reasons:

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Now, imagine that video, but with other games and you’ve basically got ‘You Should Be Playing’ in a nutshell. Some people might point out its similarities to cherished RPS column ‘Have You Played’, but I assure you it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND ORIGINAL.

If you’re anything like me and find even the light strategic elements of Duskers overwhelming, why not check out Behind the Screen instead, an obscure gem that may be poorly subbed but certainly gets its message across. Here’s more on that one:

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There are more of our recommendations to be found out there in the big worldwide web, and more added every week, all of which you’ll find in the You Should be Playing playlist on the RPS YouTube channel. I talk about the sound design of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the brilliant blend of comedy and tragedy in Finding Paradise, how Observer’s atmosphere terrorises you and the iconic bungee mechanics of Famicom classic Umihara Kawase. If this sounds like your kind of bag, subscribe to RPS on YouTube and enjoy such things as we serve them hot out of the video oven.

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