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Loot Drop: Warhammer Vermintide Free DLC

Warhammer End Times: Vermintide [official site] is an enjoyable fantasy throwdown, easy to describe as Left 4 Dead with Skaven, but with a loot and upgrade system that brings some RPG trappings to the four-player cooperative vermin extermination. One of the main complaints that I heard repeatedly when playing the game prior to my review related to the game's indiscriminate loot drops. Play as a bright wizard and you might find equipment that only a dwarf ranger can use, or vice versa. The free Sigmar's Blessing update, released today, allows you to tip the odds in favour of your chosen class, as well as adding an entire new tier of veteran loot.

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The additional control over loot drops might be the most significant addition, even if it isn't quite as impressive on paper as the 40 new veteran weapons. There are two ways to meddle with loot probabilities - the first is to wear "one of the five unique trinkets" that increase your chances of finding loot for the related hero. There's also a shrine that will offer new loot in exchange for tokens and prayers.

Few times has an altar answered your prayers quite so quickly as the Shrine of Solace. Use the hero specific trinkets, offer up your Tokens, specify your wishes and become the proud new owner of something shiny!

It's worth noting that the dwarven trinket is a "personal book of grudges", which is basically the opposite of a Christmas card list.

I'm glad to see solid post-release support for the game. Hopefully it's a sign that it's been a success for developers Fatshark, who have made a fine cooperative game that stands out from the (rat)pack and is far more than the L4D total conversion that it initially appeared to be.

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