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Free Wasteland 2 Add-On: Better Graphics, New Stuff

GOTY Edition out this Summer

Despite generally positive buzz, I didn't get too far into Wasteland 2 [official site] because babies/RPGs are so long, but if there's one guaranteed way to make me revisit a game it's to improve its graphics. So many years of playing games, and still I'm such a moth to pixel-shaded flames. Pfft, like new graphics ever actually made a game more enjoyable, yet I choose to believe they will every single time. New graphics aren't the only addition to the newly-unvieled Wasteland 2 GOTY Edition, however. "Major enhancements to gameplay", apparently. Most importantly it's free to all existing W2 owners.

Here's how it goes on the features front:

  • A new 'Perks & Quirks' system to customise your squad with
  • "Precision Strike", which is a strangely dry way of saying you can now target enemies' individual body parts
  • Balance, more item drops, 'reworked combat encounters throughout the game'
  • "Thousands of lines" of new voiceover.

As for graphics, Wasteland 2 has moved to Unity 5 and come up with "improved environment textures, character models, and Physically Based Rendering for more impressive lighting." Here's another screenshot to how that looks in carefully-staged action:

Do click on that (and the top one) for a full-size version.

Does look a little more vibrant to me. I know wastelands are supposed to be all bleached out and sterile, but I am very much down with more colour and vegetation on my monitor.

The GOTY Edition update will be free to anyone who already owns Wasteland 2, including Kickstarter backers, and is due for release some time this Summer.

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