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Watch Blindboy improvise songs as he taunts the people of Red Dead Redemption 2

What a treat

You might know Blindboy as "that Irish guy from the Rubberbandits who wears a bag on his head", because he is, but he's also so much more. He's a podcaster, author and musician, and Alice Bee is well into him. She's on holiday, though, which means I get to show off his recent adventures in Red Dead Redemption 2. Please treat yourself to the following 90-minute Twitch stream of Blindboy riding around while improvising suspiciously good songs about what he sees - or at least watch the five-minute compilation. It gave me belly laughs.

I did a proper cackle when he started taunting the fishermen with his iPhone. And at the part where he dances on a moonlit roof, then burns the house down and struts off into the night. He's very good at immortalising the wild abandon of an RPG player in song.

I mainly know Blindboy for his podcast, so it's neat to now appreciate him musically for something other than the horse song. He's a very wise, very eccentric man who has many helpful things to say about mental health, and many interesting things to say about art, music and psychology. He has great guests on sometimes, too. A few weeks back he had Brenda and John Romero! Other highlights include his chat with an Irish folklorist, or when he discussed the merits of using psychedelic drugs as mental health treatment with a neurosicentist.

If you've got time, I do recommend watching this full Red Dead stream. Watching those moments from the compilation arise organically is part of the form. There's already plenty more over on his channel.

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