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Watch Rezzed Digital today for loads from us

We pray Jason Statham will not turn up

EGX Rezzed may be delayed to July but we're doing our darnedest to plug the gap it left in the week using Rezzed Digital. On this second day we we shove those and Eurogamer chumps away from the camera so we can have more of the spotlight. On our streams we'll talk with one of the folks behind Desperados III (the return of the much-beloved real-time tactical cowboy 'em up), Imogen will gab about gamewords jobs, and Nate will give a fully true history of Jason Statham in video gaming. Plus those other nerks will still be doing other stuff, I guess. Read on for the schedule and streams.

But first! The RPS VidBuds have been looking at loads of games on our YouTube channel for Rezzed Digital, so hop on over between things. Onto the schedule!

11:00-11:45 - New Studio Announcement

" UK editor James Batchelor kicks off the second day of Rezzed Digital with an exclusive interview, speaking to the surprise star talent behind a brand new games studio seeking to 'create stories that empower players'."

12:00-12:45 - RPS Presents: High Noon with Desperados III

"Mimimi's head of design Moritz Wagner joins Rock Paper Shotgun for a showdown about upcoming real-time tactics game Desperados III. (Quick-) Drawing on experience learned from the critically acclaimed Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun, discover how the team transitioned from the Japanese Edo period and mastered the look, feel and all-important gunplay of the Wild West."

13:00-13:45 - How to Get Into Games Journalism

"Eurogamer deputy editor Wesley Yin-Pool, news editor Tom Phillps, reporter Emma Kent, and former intern turned Rock Paper Shotgun reporter Imogen Beckhelling discuss how to break into games journalism. With questions from the viewers."

14:00-14:45 - RPS Presents: A Complete and True History of Jason Statham in Videogames

"In this dead serious lecture, RPS reviews editor Nate will take you on a journey through forty years of videogames featuring everyone’s favourite shovel-chinned cockney bruiser, Jason Statham. From Press S for Statham to Stabyrinth and Statham: Isolation, absolutely every game featured is totally real, and the fact that Nate is also the author of a book of a fictional videogames should not cast any doubt on the veracity of this presentation. We pray that Jason himself will not attend."

15:00-16:45 - Dicebreaker Plays Boy Problems

"Join the full Dicebreaker team as they join together by the magic of the internet to play Boy Problems, a futuristic RPG about stealing 200 unreleased Carly Rae Jepsen songs."

17:00 - Oxventure D&D Episode Premiere: Exhibition Impossible Finale (Episode 3)

"The Oxventurers are in trouble. Trapped and faced with a deadly countdown, will these thieving heroes pull together or panic? Will they seize the final cursed coin or be dissolved in acid? Meanwhile, Egbert has a lovely time drinking brandy with the host of the party. See for yourself in this final episode of Exhibition Impossible, the latest D&D Oxventure."

17:40 until late - Team Eurogamer's Happy Hour Tavern Time

"Come share a drink with Team Eurogamer in Team Eurogamer's Happy Hour Tavern Time, a virtual community party for this year's Rezzed Digital 2020! There's no games to be played, just booze to be drunk and friends to hang out with as Team Eurogamer kick off the weekend and hang out with you lot in a virtual tavern! Ask questions, play along with a quiz or just chat with your friends in the comments - we may not be able to hang out physically at the moment, but that won't stop us having a party and celebrating our community!"

18:30-20:30 - Jesse Cox presents Indie An A Cox: And the Temple of Rezzed

This lookfest will be on Twitch.

Rezzed Digital will wrap up on Saturday, a bit quieter than today certainly.

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