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What are Kronx Dragonhoof's Devastations?

Kronx it up.

If you play Kronx Dragonhoof after playing any class’ Galakrond card, you’ll be able to unleash a Devastation on your opponents. They’re excellent for several situations, from face damage to board clears.

What are Kronx Dragonhoof’s Devastations?

There are four in total, but remember - they won’t trigger unless you’ve already played Galakrond. If you’ve already drawn but not played Galakrond, Kronx will do nothing as a Battlecry and just be a 6 mana 6/6, so be careful to avoid this.


Annihilation deals 5 damage to all other minions. This is a great way to get enemies off of the board and set up for later turns. You’ll probably find it works best alongside more control oriented Galakrond decks like Shaman or Priest.


If you choose Decimation, you’ll deal 5 damage to the enemy Hero’s face and restore 5 to your own. We like this one as a finisher, or a bit of extra damage to get yourself to lethal damage. In Galakrond Tempo Warrior it’s pretty useful.


This one gives you a Cenarius-like effect. Domination lets you buff all your minions by +2/+2, and should obviously be used to beef your board up and deal extra damage. Galakrond Warlock is a good target for this Devastation, as it’s a zoo-style of play so should often have a lot of minions to buff.


Reanimation summons you a Reanimated Dragon - an 8/8 with Taunt. It’s a pure tempo play, since when combined with Kronx is a 6 mana 14/14 in stats. On an empty board this is a huge threat to your opponent.

We’ve got a whole load of Galakrond decks for you to try with Kronx Dragonhoof, so give them a shot if you want to try the Devastations! We’re also putting together a deck tier list to help you choose what to play in the new Descent of Dragons meta.

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