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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Ah, what are we to do in these High Pressure Days? Playing video games may help, I suppose. But which, when there are so many? Here's what we'll be playing:

Adam: I'd like to say I'll be playing with the "interactive sensory journey" of Panoramical, which just came out, or doing something to enrich my understanding of anything other than dice rolls and balls, but no... I'll be playing Pro Evo Soccer 2016 and Blood Bowl 2. I'm preparing to write a review of the latter and piecing together some thoughts on the former. So far, I prefer Pro Evo to the most recent FIFA I played (two years ago, I think?) because matches have a very distinct flow depending on the teams and tactics involved. But the ridiculous scorelines are killing my enjoyment somewhat - I won my last three league games 7-0, 7-1 and 8-2, and I'm not particularly good. I'll be heading online over the weekend so that actual people can put me in my place.
Alice: Oh, gosh! What a busy weekend. I have serious plans to sit in the bath with a box of wine and my MIDI controller to play Panoramical. Metal Gear Solid V, obviously. And Strangethink Software has returned with a delightful new thing. I bought another game this week and wanted to play this weekend but now cannot remember what it is, so... maybe that too? Oh, and I'll take another crack at Rooftop Cop - which I'd bounced off, hard - now it's had a big update. Hooray games!
John: Well, I know what I want to play this weekend - MGSV. I still haven't played past the first time I got to my oil rig thing. But I know the chances are far more likely I'll do "work things", which involves returning to a few survival games to check out their updates. Especially The Long Dark and Stranded Deep. I'm also keen to find out what's been happening in The Forest.

But still, it's most likely to be more Tomb Raider GO and Alphabear.

Philippa: Destiny. Look, I will be pottering on PC as well but Taken King has been fantastic so far and I need to get my gear good enough for the new raid!

But you, dear reader, what are you playing?

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