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What are we all playing this weekend?


A man in a black Victorian suit, turning to look as many giant hands, as if sprouting from a rocky landscape, point at him, and he is lead away by a naked humanoid with no hair, eyes or genitals. From an illustration for Etidorhpa, or, The End Of Earth
Image credit: John Augustus Knapp / Old Book Illustrations

In a turn up for the big embossed fantasy tomes, this week while we're all still sort of kicking about Baldur's Gate 3, we're also starting to return to the real world a bit. And by "the real world" I mean "other video games". Although not many, admittedly. BG3 is very big. I think I'll be the first to break free from its metaphorical chains because I played it for review, but I'm still puttering about trying to take the roads I un-taked the first time. Still, we've got time for some Apelegs and some little demos and some seeeeecrets and whatnot.

Alice Bee
Aside from trying to pull off a hell-heist in Baldur's Gate 3, I have a couple of fun visual novel demos I want to check out - detective noir Hauma, and horror romance Mediterranea Inferno (via the creator of Milky Way Prince and Santa Ragione, the devs of my favourite Italian neon folk horror Saturnalia).

is away.

I've finally got a nice, quiet weekend and it means I've got two exciting sessions pencilled in. I'm starting Baldur's Gate 3 with my Div II co-op pals, with one of the main benefits of co-op being not having to manage anyone else's inventory. I'm also playing some more Remnant 2 with Liam and I can't wait to shoot and loot.

I’ve got [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on the boil, but I’m hoping to make some decent headway in Baldur’s Gate 3 and who knows, maybe even pack in some Total Warhammer – writing about the latest expansion has given me the itch to start afresh as a Skaven or possibly a Nurgle. I’ll see which way my passions take me.

More Baldur's Gate 3 for me! I'm 40 hours into my main playthrough and am just wrapping up Act 1, which feels kinda wild. Are things going to speed up in the next Act? I really hope not, because I want to play this game for as long as possible. Maybe forever? That's the next step, Larian, make me an actual Faerûn so that I can move to D&D land permanently. I promise I'll commit to the turn-based action, even if it feels a little weird to pretend that time has frozen while an enemy decides how to throttle me in combat.

I could be tempted back to Apex Legends by a new season - I hear they've made Revenant less profoundly unfun - but realistically, I can see myself just playing more Portal 2. I remembered its "fighting an army of mantis men" joke the other day and was smiling for ages.

I'm playing a secret thing for review this weekend, but I'm still hoping to get a bit further in Baldur's Gate 3 around the edges. I'm having a real good time in it right now, even if Astarion is technically lying dead on some steps in a crypt that are somehow preventing me from reviving him, and everyone's very low on health after a bad encounter with some skeletons... It'll all come good in the end. Probably.

is away.

Aside from Baldur's Big Door, I'd love to carve out some time to try out the new Apex Legends season. I want to see whether the reworked Revenant is as terrifying as he sounds. Plus I'm a big fan of the map pool this season. I say it at every opportunity, but Olympus is the best map in the game. So many clean surfaces and such a nice balance between wide open areas and densely packed interiors with tonnes of cover. Whenever Olympus is in rotation my enthusiasm for an Apex session goes up 1000%.

Ooh, probably something on my Nintendo Switch or my PlayStation 5 or heck, even my mobile phone, since I'm contractually permitted to publicly like them again now that I'm moving to our multi-platforming pals over at VG247! Nah, I'm just kidding, and of course I still love you, PC games. I'm even looking more seriously than ever into getting a Steam Deck now that James has put me onto the refurbished ones. See you on the other side, my friends!

Are you all wandering around the foothills and caves of Baldur's Gate, or are you more interesting and varied people than we are? Let's hope so, for all our sakes.

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