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What are we all playing this weekend?


Talking about the weather is trite, everyone knows, but also OH MY GOD THE WEATHER? It has been a week alright for us in the RPS treehouse, with even our verdant canopy offering little protection from the heatwave. What's the point in omens of futurehell if we can't even enjoy them? On Thursday I was lucky enough to be on cliffs watching a storm roll in over the sea, hoping it'd break the heatwave, but oh no it's still going. But video games, yeah?

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I'm going to dive back into Outer Wilds again. I've still not finished, but I keep snatching little moments with it here and there. I only need 20 minutes at a time, after all.

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing MORE SIMS and also MORE OUTER WILDS because I'm determined to finish that game! I am really bad at it though. Like, ridiculously bad at it. I wish I was better. But at least I know I'm good at The Sims 4. So I keep jumping back to that to cheer myself up.

Alice O

In this weather, any plan I form is liable to be abandoned at any moment when I need to get in the sea. Apologies to everyone who's tried to form plans with me this weekend. I'll prrrobably do some of Destiny 2's Iron Banner event, even if the current PvP meta is broken? Or I'll get in the sea. Good ol' sea.


In the brief moments I got this week to not play the ultimately disappointing Wolfenstein: Youngblood for video review, I've been having the loveliest time on the Minecraft realm that Nate set up for some of us at the site. My main project is constructing a little Brutalist town in amongst some mountains which is going to be hooked up to a funky metro system. But I need somewhere to sleep in the meantime, so I made a caravan, and it's right lovely. Sin even decorated it with some flowers for me!


Brendan is on holiday. Happy hols, Brendy!


I'm not allowed to tell you what will be taking up most of my time this weekend, but I will be supplementing it with Tetris Effect, because I like Tetris and pretty lights, and I may even get to jump into Outer Wilds, because everyone bangs on about just how good it is and I feel like I'm missing out.


Graham has been fired. I'm the daddy now.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out yesterday and I'm now on holiday for a week and a half. Coincidence? Err... Yes, but hot damn is it a good one. Ta-ra!


I spent nearly all last night on the Streets Of Rogue, and I'm itching to get back to them. I've got more werewolves to hunt down as a vampire, more scientists to squash as a guerrilla. I'm normally sneaky, but I just unlocked a jock who can charge through walls. What a game.

I'll probably take a quick break to check out Northgard's cracking new kraken, too.


Matt and Astrid were a little cool on the wider game, but I'm keen to see those Arkane-designed levels in Wolfenstein Youngblood for myself. Love to skulk around on rooftops and peek through strangers' windows. And in the game, etc.


This weekend I'm going to be out in a field being an orc or a crab man or whatever at the Empire LARP. However, when I'm back on Sunday I'm going to dive straight into the RPS Minecraft server which I set up this week - it's only a couple of days old but it's already extremely promising. I want to make a giant glass roof over a chasm and grow a rainforest in it.


Bad North really seems exactly my kind of game, but I think I was initially warned off by various lukewarm reviews saying "maybe wait 'til it gets updated". Well, that time has come at last, and I'm looking forward to ordering all the little people with pointy sticks to point the sticks at the little people on the little boats.


I had plans. So many plans. Streets Of Rogue is brilliant, I want to get into Stellaris at last and and and so many games. But then Nate has opened up an unofficial RPS Minecraft server, instantly undoing my five years of sobriety. I will be lurking in my stubbornly humble burrow, scowling at the sterile, safe, opulent estates of the townies on the other side of the massive chasm they've already gentrified. For days.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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