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Northgard's new clan can't build boats because they're too scared of the kraken


You wimps. So what if there's a terrifying eldritch beast spooking about the ocean: you're still Vikings, aren't you? A Norseman without a longship is laughable. Though I have to admit your replacement fisheries look rad. And the kraken does seem nasty.

RTS Northgard has added the Clan of the Kraken as paid DLC. They're a motley non-crew of squid-worshipping, Valkyrie-training spellcasters. I've spent too long away from Northgard's shores, and whacking a kraken right next to them is a promising way to tempt me back.

Credit where credit's due: the new clan still like to tough it out on coastal tiles, despite knowing what's lurking right next to them. They get a 50% increase to building and colonising costs to non-coastal tiles, which is huge considering how scarce food can be in Northgard. At the same time, those fishing villages provide a reliable source of food when every other clan has to adapt and scramble for precious food-producing tiles. It's a welcome new dynamic. If I'm going to spend £4 on a faction, they need to be substantially different.

Variety can also be found in their weird cthulu magic. Rather than a tavern, the kraken-folk train female villagers into squid-worshippers. They generate a resource called wyrd that lets them summon ghost armies, improve coastal tiles, or turn one of those squid-worshippers into super-tough Valkyrie soldiers - who can also sacrifice themselves to instantly colonise a neutral territory. There's a lot going on. I like that.

Even if you don't buy the kraken-lovers, the kraken news still concerns you. There's a new event, like a prolonged version of those draugr invasions or earthquakes, where "The kraken itself roams around Northgard and punishes those who do not fear it. The kraken attack lasts for 3 month, sinking boats and damaging ports." Sounds like a big problem for anyone pursuing a trade victory.

More Kraken clan details are here. The DLC is available for £4/$5/€4.50 on Steam.

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