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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, punk?

This weekend I am scratching my BioWare itch by playing copious amounts of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Who needs a real social life when you have BioWare making so many virtual people for me to make friends with?

Truth be told I was not going to bother with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Don't get me wrong I love the Mass Effect trilogy for all of it's obvious flaws, I just never really got into either of the past Dragon Age games. The only reason I started digging into playing Inquisition was because someone on Twitter drew my attention to a character who I now really want to see in context. Minor character spoilers for DAI incoming. Nothing plot related, but there are some character backstory details coming. You have been warned.

So, trans characters in blockbuster AAA video games are generally handled pretty terribly. At best you have Erica in Catherine who is fantastic up until a point, then gets ruined by lazy decisions for her inclusion in the plot. At worst you get the trans representation in GTA V where you have male character models in female outfits moaning repeatedly about how trans they are and being entirely defined by how hilarious that is. Bring on Krem in Dragon Age: Inquisition, who actually seems to have been handled really well.

Krem is a trans man, someone designated female as birth who has decided to live as male. He's voiced pretty superbly by Jennifer Hale and not only does he not let his trans status define him, he never becomes a victim for it. He's a trans character who knows who is and is confident in that, having surrounded himself with a strong group of warriors who have nothing but respect for his abilities.

Also, his boss Iron Bull is a badass. Ask him a really offensive question about if "[he minds] that he's a woman" and not only does he stand up for Krem as a man, but retorts with the greatest put-down I have ever heard.

"I don't give a nug's ass if it's a little more difficult for him to piss standing up".

Yep, that got me interested enough to push through the slow start and try get myself invested in the world. So, what are all of you lovely readers playing this weekend?

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