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What microtransactions are in Path Of Exile?

Is it Pay to Win?

Path Of Exile has the option to purchase extra microtransaction content for your character and game. This ranges from extra content to cosmetics.

Here’s all you need to know about microtransactions in Path Of Exile.

What microtransactions are in Path Of Exile?

You can purchase microtransactions in-game or by visiting the ‘Shop’ section of the Path Of Exile website. Here, you can purchase extra storage space in your Stash, fancy pants cosmetics and weapon skins, and other gear like pets.

To access the microtransactions in-game, press the ‘M’ key and you’ll be placed in the microtransactions menu. Here, you can easily see what special offers are currently available, as well as the newest kit added to the game.

These are mostly cosmetic, and don’t give you any advantage in the game, but purchasing Stash Tabs does give you extra space to store items you find in your travels.

How much do Points cost in Path Of Exile?

Points are charged in US Dollars, and the exchange rate is pretty simple.

It costs 1 USD for every 10 Points, and they can be purchased in packs of 50, 100, or 200.

You can also directly buy gear from the store with real money, and some ‘Supporter Packs’ give you extra value for money, adding Points to your account on top of the various cosmetic items.

To check your microtransactions and equip cosmetics, press ‘I’ to enter your inventory and click the ‘Cosmetics’ tab at the top right side of the screen. This’ll show you all the cosmetics you have equipped, and you can then click ‘Microtransaction Stash’ to see all the items you currently own.

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