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What are we all playing this weekend?


Monday is the belated May Day holiday here in the UK, so we won't be back in full force until Tuesday. We'll be busy dancing around the maypole, drinking real ale, and feeling slightly afraid of Morris dancers. You hey-nonny-nonny near me and I'll kick those bells up your arse.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I think this weekend I'll probably head back and spend some more time in Graveyard Keeper. I have missed my gloomy cannibalistic home, which is a great contrast to the high def sunshine and marble in Assassin's Creed's Fate Of Atlantis DLC.

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing "get your hair cut, do the garden, clean the house, and walk the dog" and Tacoma, probably. Oh, and definitely The Sims. Obvs.

Alice O

Revisiting World Of Goo now it's remastered (and free), ah, this is still lovely. Just the sound of the opening seconds is enough to get me smiling like it's 2008. That said, it's looking like a sunny weekend so I'll likely be in the sea.


Brendan is on his hols.


It's a bank holiday and for some inexplicable reason it seems to be a sunny one. Inevitably, this means I'd likely not have much time for games outside of Pokémon Go. I'll be looking to snag the new legendary 'mon that was released, since that's the only one I could possibly grab for the Pokédex outside of the Gen 4 regionals that I don't have (Pachirisu and Carnivine if you're wondering).

As for other games, if I do get the chance, I might spend a bit of time trying to get my Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter: World up a bit before the Witcher collaboration appears on PC.


I've been playing Forager, a Zelda-like hack-and-crafter set on small islands that you gradually stripmine of resources. As you stuff your pockets with wood and ore and berries and sand and craft those items into forges, anvils, banks and more, you gradually shift the game's genre towards becoming an idle game. This feels rewarding and pointless in equal measures.


I completed Heaven's Vault for the first time earlier this week and I just can't get it out of my head. I'm itching to start a New Game+, but having erroneously allocated two thirds of the three-day weekend to yet more family stuff, I'll have to wait until Monday before I can give it a proper go. Instead, I'll likely be carrying on with the excellent SteamWorld Quest over on my Switch, plus a bit more of the new BoxBoy.


I'll be playing more Mordhau, both because I'm reviewing it and because no medieval multiplayer chopper has ever done such good sword noises. Review spoilers: it's incredible.


Last weekend's Witcher 3 replay mutated into a The Witcher 1 first-play. Originally put off by the talk of jank and naffness (collecting the romance cards is basically Tacky Gwent) I'd never given it a proper go, but I'm pleased I have. For its rough edges the characters, world and vibe of the later games are already well established - if anything, it has a lot more of the supernatural detective stuff that drew me into The Witcher 3. I just pray Katharine won't walk in when the game is giving me dirty pics.


This weekend, I'll be buggering around with trucks in Rise Of Industry, and trying to work out if I enjoy Vambrace: Cold Soul's art enough to overcome the frustration of actually playing it. Then, since I've got a brand new PC with big beefy innards, I reckon I might as well stick my head into the barrel of mud and knave's giblets that is Mordhau, and roar until I feel quite faint.


Ollie has been fired.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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