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What are we all playing this weekend?


Friends, you must listen. Some will try to convince you that today is the last day of summer and it's all over. Do not listen. We have another three weeks until the end of summer. Cherish them. The memories we form now will need to carry us through the long, dark, cold winter. I made the mistake of looking it up this week and somehow I will lose seven hours of daylight over the next three months? Oh god.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I am very pleased to announce that I have time to play a game again this weekend. I'm fascinated by the look of Wilmot's Warehouse, which I predict will either immediately frustrate me or consume my very soul.

Alice L

This weekend I'm probably going to be spooking myself in the Blair Witch game and maybe dusting off my Switch to finish off some games that I've not yet finished. Sorry Celeste. I'll almost definitely swing by the world of Skyrim - sans music - once more and maybe give Arkham Asylum another go after it crashed on me last time I tried (last weekend).

Alice O

I wanna see spooky weird objects and throw fire extinguishers at people, so it'll be Control for me. Fingers crossed for a spooky fire extinguisher which sings happy birthday before hosing everyone with foam.


This week, I've been playing Man Of Medan movie night mode with a few other folks in the Gamer Network office. Dean Abdou (who produces videos for the Game Clips And Tips channel) was playing Julia, and kept picking the "say nothing" option. The narrative that we'd created was that she was just done with everyone else's bollocks. It was a lot better than her actual responses to situations, which consisted of saying "Howdy!" and asking Conrad why he was "paying the ocean."


Brendy has been fired.


Dave is excused.


Ave, citizens. I will be haunting the streets of Seattle this weekend, far from my usual home in Nate's wardrobe, as I take in the splendour of PAX West. Alas, how can it compare to the majesty of Rome? I hear you ask, citizens, is attending an event really a game to be played? Perhaps not for living humans, but for us Roman Ghosts, it is a merry jape indeed.


Graham is living the life of an international businessman.


Good gravy there are so many good games out right now. I'm still playing Medieval Hogwarts Simulator (aka: Fire Emblem), but now there's Astral Chain and Wilmot's Warehouse waiting in the wings, plus Stephen's Sausage Roll I bought last week, and Control and Outer Wilds AND the weird monkey game that sort of sounds interesting, then on Tuesday there's Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming out and man alive I think I need another holiday again.


I'm spending a lot of this weekend on trains, which means a lot of time organising Wilmot's Warehouse on my Switch. It's not Wilmot's, it's mine. I'm going to put my sunflowers next to my gas planets and there's nothing he can do to stop me.


Mopping up final side quests in Control - many of which I've preferred to the main story. I'd be happy with a whole game spent collecting teleporting rubber ducks and possessed kitchen appliances.


I want to try a no-pausing-allowed playthrough of Oxygen Not Included. Things have been going so well for me for the past few runs, there haven't been any real dilemmas or catastrophes. No suffocating, no overheating, no peeing in the fresh water supply... But take away the ability to pause, and I'll expect all these things to happen, and much more besides. It's gonna be great.


Having almost kicked the Minecraft fever that seized me all month, I am playing "paralysed by indecision". Maybe I'll play some more Knights And Bikes and spend an afternoon sobbing to myself because I can take anything except kindness. Or maybe I'll just keep playing Supraball. Who can say?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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