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What are we all playing this weekend?


This week we welcome to the RPS treehouse a new news reporter, Imogen Beckhelling. Say hallo! Last night we were also treated to a lovely full moon (with a minor eclipse!) so it's good times all round.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


Alice Bee

I have been playing The Witcher 3. I get why people like it, but I am still struggling to properly enjoy it myself. I do not get why everyone says the Bloody Baron quest is so good. And the botchling thing just looks like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.


Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing, for the first time ever, Sea Of Thieves with my dear friend. It's going to be horribly chaotic, but a lot of fun. I'll also be playing a load of Sims 4 as I wait for the Tiny Living stuff pack to come in. AHHH TINY HOMES.


Alice O

I started Sea Of Thieves only over the holiday myself, and will also be setting sail. Last time, we were sailing to sell our haul of booty when a megalodon started chomping on our ship, then a ship of skeletal pirates rose from the depths to fight us, and after we sunk them the shark came back. Lively times. It almost made up for getting extremely chumped by a hostile crew hours earlier. I am still learning how best to fight other players, okay.



This weekend, diving head-first back into the Brutalist dream that is Control. That's probably unwise given all the concrete, I'll probably crack my skull open. Nevertheless, its striking architecture, fascinating world, and a font that I'd consider the best ever used in a video game make the prospect all too tempting. And so, I shall yeet my body wildly into the walls of the Oldest House once more.



Dave is away.



I played lots of The Sims 1-3, but never had an interest in The Sims 4 until I saw the Tiny Living stuff pack announced this week. I saw its cramped and artful homes and thought, yes, that seems achievable. I don't want to manage tiny people's lives, but I do want to work out how to squeeze kitchen cupboards into a room the size of a cupboard. Therefore, I shall spend this weekend playing the game called 'Trying To Recover My Origin Account With The Lost Password And Email Address Through EA Support, Again.'



This weekend I'll mostly be playing Skyrim on my Switch because I'm a shill to our Bethesda overlords. But also because my furniture is being delivered on Saturday, and I don't currently have a desk. Or a TV. Or any chairs.



I will probably be spending most of my weekend playing my Switch - a bit of Pokémon Sword on the train when I go up to Hard Mode Paris to see a play later today, and as much Ring Fit Adventure as I can stomach tomorrow as I continue to try and work off the Christmas bloat. I might try and finally squeeze in a bit of Night Call or Neo Cab, though, if only to have a bit of a sit down after Ring Fit!



The IGF Awards finalists were announced this week, in theory giving me loads of suggestions for good and interesting games that lie slightly outside my comfort zone. I should check out Mutazione, at least. I definitely shouldn't just play more Mordhau and Dota.



I stalled on AI: The Somnium Files last year, so will pick that up and hope I can remember who the dozens of characters are. Or I'll make the mistake of loading up Demon's Tilt for just one game and then lose the entire weekend to flipper-fuelled demon smashing.



I really need to get my head out of this AoE2 binge, but I can't see it happening yet. I've now started doing multiplayer games, and kicked off a small contingent of players on the RPS discord server, but I've only had the free time for two matches this week, so I'm hoping to get some in over the weekend. This truly is... the age of empires (2: definitive edition).



Ollie is away.



I will mostly be sleeping, but my annual search for a game that lets me live the space salvager dream continues. The surprisingly fancy X4 is one good mod away from it but I can't play it at home, whinge. I've resorted to trying Space Engineers with a few promising mods, so I'll probably be at that for most of the weekend. Might squeeze some Battletech in there too.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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