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When does Scholomance Academy release?

Scholomance Academy - when does it come out?

Hearthstone's upcoming expansion will send you back to school at Scholomance Academy, but when does it release?

Keep an eye out for our coverage of Scholomance Academy, since we'll be covering it with deck guides, reveals, and more.

When is the Hearthstone Scholomance Academy release date?

You can start opening your Scholomance Academy packs on August 6th. The specific time of release for Hearthstone expansions has previously been pretty consistent, so we can assume it'll be playable at the following times:

  • 6pm BST
  • 1pm ET
  • 10am PT
  • 3am ACT (August 7th)
  • 2am Japan Standard Time (August 7th)

We'll have all kinds of updates for Scholomance Academy, so keep us bookmarked!

We have more info on the upcoming expansion too - check out our full list of Dual-Class cards in the expansion, as well as everything you need to know about Scholomance Academy.

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