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Cease Fire: Battlefield 1 Open Beta Ends On Thursday

Had a go yet?

When DICE launched the free Battlefield 1 [official site] open beta test last week, they didn't say how long it would run for. Now we know. If you want to check out DICE's arcade-y FPS take on World War 1, you've only got until Thursday. Or heck, if you're happy living vicariously, you can read what happened when we sent Brendan trotting into the beta on his pony.

Look, here's the news in tweety-twoo format:

DICE also dropped a wee update yesterday:

And while the beta servers did recover from the attacks, they might be a bit wonky due to stress testing:

The beta only has one map with two modes but DICE have been pointing players at the forums to suggest new maps so maybe they'll add something in these final days.

Player progression won't carry over from the beta to the full version when it launches on October 21st. Still, players can get a special dog tag to remember their beta time.

If you fancy a crack, you can download the beta through Origin. It's a 7.1GB download, which hopefully is a size you can download in time to play if you want to? If not, hey, there are always Brendan's horsey adventures.

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