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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Emerging In October

Fancier than ever

After releasing Wasteland 2 [official site] last September (it was pretty good, said we with a few grumbles), developers inXile Entertainment set about polishing it up. That was partially for a console release, but also to make it fancier for us all.

Coming as a free update to owners of Wasteland 2, The Director's Cut brings improved graphics, new character perks and quirks, a rebalancing, and other nice things. inXile have now declared a release date, a little later than their planned summer launch, but not too far away: October 13th.

The Director's Cut upgrades to Unity 5, which it taps for fancier lighting, also boshing in redone character models and updated environment textures. They've added extra voiced lines for companions too. It's not all cosmetics, mind. Characters can have Quirks that give both positive and negative effects and add a little personality (say, someone with Repressed Rage who can't get critical hits until they're hit by one themself, at which point they get a damage boost), and pick new beneficial Perks as they level up. They've also added Precision Strikes, which let you target individual bodyparts for different effects. Some of that will sound familiar from Fallout games, which inXile members of course worked on.

I've probably reeled off enough of that. Have a trailer from June:

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