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Please Stand By: Fallout 4 Announcement Tomorrow?

Must be Fallout 4, right?

Please let Fallout 4 have green. Let it be set somewhere with trees, or somewhere with colours, or at least let it not have that 'orrible murk filter Bethesda seem so fond of. Let it have trees and let it, somehow, stack up well against The Witcher 3.

It seems the E3 festivities begin earlier each year, as Bethesda have knocked up a Fallout teaser site counting down to 3pm tomorrow. What oh what could it be? I don't feel I'm going out too far on a limb by declaring it's obviously the new Fallout game they've clearly been working on for years.

What do we know about it? Nothing. What would I like to see in it? Well! More colour, obviously. More personality. A new UI. More wonder. A bigger sense of fun. More weirdness without tipping over into kookiness. Either a main questline I care about, or one so slight and diffuse that we're left to roam and scamper and explore without a boring imperative hanging over us. Fewer generic places and quests which exist to fill time.

I feel a bit of a grump saying all this but The Witcher 3 does so much so better than Bethesda's recent open-world RPGs. Everything in Fallout 3 was downhill after the initial sense of wonder wore off, about the time I left Megaton. Having watched Mad Max: Fury Road last night, I also obviously would like two hours of Furiosa and explosions - wait, maybe I'll just go see it again tonight.

What would you like to see in Fallout 4, dear reader? I mean, assuming that's what this is. If it isn't, heck, what would you like to see in... any Fallout universe... thing?

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