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While you queued, New World players were being absolute weirdos

Why does going prone look so freaky?

New World is out, and that's exciting. It's been ages since we've seen a big new MMORPG, which is possibly why thousands upon thousands of you have sat in endless queues trying to get into overloaded servers. But would you like to know what players have been doing while you waited? They've been wiggling around on the floor like budget Human Centipedes.

Not every player has been doing this of course, but I've seen more than enough clips online of folks crawling like fleshy crabs among crowds of terrified onlookers. Perhaps this is the effect of the queues. Their brains have turned to mush, unable to comprehend that they're finally in-game. They could be doing quests! Fighting beasts! But no.

Or maybe this is what they wanted to play New World for in the first place. Who am I to judge?

I am curious as to why going prone looks so freaky. These folks look like some horrifying Dark Souls creatures, scuttling like babies towards their prey, rolling and lunging at them from the ground. Presumably, when a poor wanderer is caught, they're absorbed into this writhing mass of bodies.

"But it can't all be full of naked crawlers!" I hear your cry, and no, you're right. There's also this guy, who's managed to unlock New World's secret Sonic DLC.

Rolling around at the speed of sound certainly doesn't seem intentional, though I wish it was. This could be New World's answer to mounts. No horses? No problem!

For some final weirdness, I offer you New World's swimming. Except, New World doesn't have swimming. Cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer caught one of the best gifs of what you can do instead, which is more akin to strolling around underwater like Barbossa and his crew. I get that swimming in MMOs isn't great, but I think it would be preferable to this, Amazon.

If you're still struggling to get into New World, things are starting to improve. Amazon Games have opened a bunch of new servers, and plan on increasing the capacity of existing servers too. They also plan on offering free server transfers to help with queue times.

Once you do get in, we have guides to the best New World weapons, and fastest New World levelling methods.

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