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Moral Dilemma: It's Them Or You In Who Must Die

Kill or be killed?

Who must die? You decide! Playing a doctor surveying patients through a bank of CCTV monitors (showing real FMV!), in Who Must Die [official site] you'll need to figure out which is "contaminated" and must... well, you know. You have the power to tinker with their environments, running tests, then once you think you've sussed who the infected individual is, you can choose to kill them. If that doesn't sit well with you, you can turn a gun on yourself. These are your options in what is ultimately a brutal mix of Cluedo and Guess Who that will test your moral fiber.

Made for this year's Epic Game Jam, Who Must Die is an interesting concept. There's no explanation as to how or why things have gotten so desperate - whereby in this situation these are your only feasible options - but the magnitude of your choices feeds the game's ever-burgeoning sense of dread and tension. It's a wee bit like Her Story in that you're made to study real people and draw conclusions based on their behaviour.

A list of symptoms that changes over the course of each playthrough points out what you should look for. Playing calming music might provoke anger in certain patients, while filling one patient's room with "exciting gas" might have the opposite effect as to what you'd expect. In order to push things further, you're able to set a guard upon whoever isn't responding as you'd like. Maybe then you'll get an adequate return. Maybe not.

The further into each playthrough I went, the more I was second guessing what was right - be that which patient was in fact contaminated, or my decisions and actions overall. While Who Must Die does dance a little close to the 'mental health is something to be feared' trope - something I was a bit uncomfortable with at first - it sufficiently sidesteps it by virtue of player choice.

If you fancy putting your morals to the test, Who Must Die is free and can be picked up here.

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