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Whoa - this 240Hz monitor is just $104 after a Monoprice discount code

An incredibly low price for an esports-grade gaming monitor.

Whoa. Normally 240Hz monitors cost a steep premium over 144Hz options, but today you can pick up Monoprice's Dark Matter 27-in 240Hz monitor for just $104 using code SAVE25, down from an original price of $300. That's an awesome deal and well worth snapping up while stocks last.

This model uses an IPS panel, so it's not quite as fast as Fast IPS or TN panels, but it still should provide good motion handling along with wide viewing angles and wide, accurate colour reproduction. This makes the monitor a good all-rounder, although at this deal price it is likely to outperform almost anything at the $100 mark in terms of image quality!

240Hz monitors are a great choice for FPS, MOBA or racing titles, where the fast refresh rate, low input lag and fast pixel response times combine for excellent motion clarity. This makes it easier to track moving targets, whether that's the rapidly approaching apex of a corner or an enemy player peaking around a corner on Dust 2.

The 1080p resolution means that you don't need a huge amount of GPU horsepower to drive the panel at 240fps; instead good single-core CPU speeds should be your ticket to a smooth experience. However, a 27-inch span is about the limit of 1080p, and it does look noticeably grainier than 24-inch models. This never bothered me when I used a 28-inch 1080p monitor back in the day, but if you're used to gaming on a more pixel-dense display then it may or may not be noticeable to you. In any case, it's something that doesn't really matter for gaming, and at $104 this is cheap enough that you could justify picking it up for gaming alone!

A MonoPrice shopping cart showing a $104 total.
Darn, this is awesome.

In any case, this is an extremely good deal for a 240Hz monitor, and well worth considering - so do your own research and pull the trigger if it's right for you!

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