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Whoa, this 27-in 1440p 144Hz monitor is $180

Innocn are quickly making a name for themselves with great value gear.

Amazon US is running a Lightning Deal today that's worth knowing about: just $180 for a 27-in 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor from Innocn. This brand is one I've covered before - my colleague John Linneman was impressed with both a portable OLED and a 40-inch ultrawide from the Chinese company - so it's definitely worth trying in my view.

First, for some context, this spec of monitor normally costs $250 to $350, so to get it for significantly below $200 is a pretty nice deal. The 1440p 144Hz combination is a strong one in 2023, as it offers a good mixture of detail and responsiveness without stretching your GPU or your wallet beyond breaking point. Second, the 27G1G uses a VA panel, which provides excellent contrast and good colour accuracy at the expense of slightly worse viewing angles and motion clarity than an IPS alternative, although with a 1ms rated response time the monitor should be quite reasonable for fast-paced action at the 144Hz maximum refresh rate.

This monitor appears to have launched towards the tail end of last year and attracted some favourable reviews from smaller outlets, although it doesn't appeared to have been tested by an RPS-size joint (nor RPS itself, for the record). Customer reviews on Amazon are also reasonable, with an 84% average score and few major complaints standing out in the reviews themselves.

The Innocn 27G1G appears to be 75% claimed, so I'll wrap things up here - but based on the quality and value of Innocn's other monitors, I'm happy to recommend this on the basis of its specifications. (There's also a bleeding-edge Mini LED 4K 160Hz monitor from the same brand for $699 after a $100 coupon - very tempting).

If you'd prefer a monitor that has gone through our own rigorous testing process though, there are plenty of top monitor recommendations right here. Cheers!

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