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Wild Giants Warlock deck list guide - Hearthstone - Kobolds

Our starter guide for playing Wild Giants Warlock in the Kobolds meta.

Wild Giants Warlock is a Hearthstone deck that's shot right up the tier rankings in recent weeks, and is now one of the strongest archetypes you can make use of in your climb up the Wild ladder. You need a lot of cards from a lot of different card sets from years gone by, but if you have the tools to hand then we think you are going to love playing this one.

The key interactions in this deck lie between Naga Sea Witch and your many collection of giants. Take Mountain Giant for example. The Sea Witch sets this card's cost to five Mana and then the extra discount based on the number of cards in your hand is applied. The combo breakdown at the bottom of this article explains all of these combos in greater detail.

In the first edition of our Wild Giants Warlock guide we're keeping things pretty simple with a quick deck snapshot and a look at the combos you have to play with. In a future update we'll flesh things out further with more detailed strategy insight and Mulligan advice.

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2 x Sacrificial Pact2 x Doomsayer
2 x Kobold LibrarianKAC2 x Hellfire
2 x DefileKFT1 x LoathebNAX
2 x Lesser Amethyst SpellstoneKAC2 x Naga Sea WitchLOE
1 x Shadowflame2 x Sea Giant
2 x Voidcaller2 x Clockwork GiantGVG
1 x Mal'GanisGVG2 x Mountain Giant
2 x VoidlordKAC2 x Molten Giant
1 x Bloodreaver Gul'danKFT

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAEBAcn1AgSTAfoOwg+X0wINowHy0ALnywKKAbYHiNICjg7eFujnAtMBuRHhB9wKAA==

If you've no prior experience of this deck then you'll definitely benefit from taking some time today to study the following combos quite carefully. A solid understanding of all of these should give you a really good grounding in working through each match towards your win-condition(s):

- As we've mentioned earlier on in this guide, Naga Sea Witch has some important interactions with the "giant" cards in this deck. Sea Giant, Clockwork Giant, Mountain Giant and Molten Giant all have their base cost reduced to five by the Witch, before the secondary reduction effect is applied. Check the card text links to see what those extra discounts are.

- Sacrifical Pact can be combined with Voidcaller - after it's done a little work, of course - in order to pull one of your bigger minions onto the board. The incredible board-boosting effects of Mal'Ganis and Voidlord are your big targets here.

- Ignore the health-loss incurred by playing Kobold Librarian. As a Warlock you should be pretty comfortable sacrificing your health for a little extra advantage elsewhere. Not only is this card like hitting Life Tap on Turn 1, you are also getting a very early board presence at the same time. This card represents amazing value.

- You may need to do a little full or partial trading to make Defile's impact as problematic as possible for the opponent. When this spell is cast, all minions take one point of damage. If one of those minions dies, the spell is cast again. This process repeats until the spells fails to kill a minion. It can require quite some forward planning to keep the cycle going, so take your time and don't forget that this spell damages your own minions as well as the opponent's.

- On the subject of mass-damage, remember that Hellfire not only damages minions on both sides of the board, but also both heroes. Make sure you're calculating the effect of this powerful spell very carefully before putting it into play, and be sure that any of your minions that will perish in the fire get to do some good work first.

More great Wild decks:

- In it's most basic form, Lesser Amethyst Spellstone will do three damage to a targeted minion and grant three health back to your hero. If you take damage from one of your cards though (such as from Kobold Librarian), the value increases to five. Inflict damage against yourself with a card again and the value increases to seven. It can only be upgraded twice in this way!

- Shadowflame is another spell that can be used to trigger mass AOE damage. Simply select a good target to sacrifice, throw Shadowflame at it, and then watch the minion's Attack power hit every target on the board. This is another good target for Voidcaller.

- When you place Loatheb onto the board, your opponent's spells will all cost five Mana more during their next turn only. Try to anticipate when the other player is likely to use a big clearance spell, play Loatheb ahead of it, and enjoy having a couple of turns to wrap up the game.

- As long as Mal'Ganis is alive, every Demon minion will have an extra + 2 / + 2 of stats - a particularly powerful buff for the minor minions spawned by Voidlord's Deathrattle. Your hero also becomes invulnerable while this Demon is alive, meaning you can Life Tap without losing any health!

- Play Bloodreaver Gul'dan and any Demon minions that died earlier on in the match will be summoned back onto the board once more. You also get a new Hero Power which allows you to direct three points of damage to a target and return three points of damage to your hero as you do so.

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