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Wild Hearts best armor: The best armor to use early on in Wild Hearts

Discover the best early-game armor in Wild Hearts

Looking for the best armor in Wild Hearts? Wild Hearts is a new Monster Hunter-like, which means there are plenty of big beasties to fight. Of course, big monsters mean it's a big challenge, so you'll need the best armor if you want to stay alive.

Wild Hearts' armor system can be a little confusing in the early stages, as the bombardment of new systems and tutorials gets a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we're here to help you suit up with the best gear in those early stages.

In this guide, we'll break down the best armor in Wild Hearts that you should use early on. This doesn't include the best endgame armor for now, but these armor sets should keep you alive for some of the toughest Giant Kemono in the early game, such as Kingtusk and Spineglider.

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Best armor in Wild Hearts

The best armor in Wild Hearts to use early on is the upgraded Young Samurai armor set. You can craft the Young Samurai armor set after defeating Kingtusk, but you'll need to reach Minato before you can upgrade it.

To upgrade armor, simply head to the Forge and into the Armor Crafting section. Then, cycle through the tabs at the top of the screen to find Human-Path and Kemono-Path upgrades.

The Young Samurai armor set doesn't offer distinct bonuses to those who follow either the Human or Kemono Paths. With that in mind, we found that mixing the two upgrade paths together offers the highest Defense and maximum health in the early game.

You can see the stats offered by this mixed Young Samurai set below:

  • Defense: 78
  • Affinity: +60 Human
  • Wood: +28
  • Fire: -15
  • Water: +0
  • Wind: +28
  • Earth: -10

Below, you can find each armor piece we used and how to craft them.

Young Samurai Helmet (Human-Path):

  • Young Samurai Helmet x1
  • Young Warrior Teardrops x1
  • Sapscourge Horn x6
  • Sapscourge Amber x3
  • 100 Gold

Young Samurai Body Armor (Human-Path):

  • Young Samurai Body Armor x1
  • Young Warrior Teardrops x1
  • Ragetail Fang x4
  • Ragetail Plum x4
  • 100 Gold

Young Samurai Gauntlets:

  • Ragetail Fang x1
  • 50 Gold

Young Samurai Haidate (Kemono-Path):

  • Young Samurai Haidate x1
  • Young Warrior Kemono Blood x1
  • Ragetail Pelt x6
  • Sapscourge Leaf Beard x1
  • 100 Gold

Young Samurai Sune-ate (Human-Path):

  • Young Samurai Sune-ate x1
  • Young Warrior Teardrops x1
  • Sapscourge Tail x4
  • Ancient Lumber x4
  • 100 Gold

Basara Human-Path armor set

Wild Hearts screenshot showing the Basara armor set.

Those wanting to purely follow the Human Path should craft and upgrade the Basara armor set.

It offers unique skills to those who reach the Pure Human Affinity level, allowing you to cure status effects with Healing Water. It will also grant you the ability to heal when using Hunter's Arm on a Giant Kemono weak point.

While these skills are the biggest benefit to using the Basara Human-Path armor, the set also offers high stats. While they don't rival the upgraded Young Samurai set, you should still find that the Basara Human-Path set offers excellent chances of survival in tough early-game fights.

You can see the Basara Human-Path armor set stats below:

  • Defense: 58
  • Affinity: +240 Human
  • Wood: +35
  • Fire: -25
  • Water: +29
  • Wind: +0
  • Earth: +0

Below, you can find each armor piece we used in this set and how to craft them.

Basara Helm (Human-Path):

  • Basara Helm x1
  • Basara Teardrops x1
  • Kingtusk Bristle x3
  • Small Crystal Ore x4
  • 200 Gold

Basara Body Armor (Human-Path):

  • Basara Body Armor x1
  • Basara Teardrops x1 x1
  • Kingtusk Ivory x3
  • Kingtusk Horn x5
  • 200 Gold

Basara Gauntlets:

  • Kingtusk Ivory x1
  • Kingtusk Horn x1
  • 100 Gold

Basara Field Hakama (Human-Path):

  • Basara Field Hakama x1
  • Basara Teardrops x1
  • Kingtusk Thorn x2
  • Kingtusk Tail x3
  • 200 Gold

Basara Sune-ate:

  • Kingtusk Thorn x1
  • 100 Gold

That wraps up our guide on the best armor sets to use early on in Wild Hearts. If you're struggling with the early bosses, take a look at our guides on how to defeat the Ragetail and how to defeat the Sapscourge in Wild Hearts. To change up your method of attack, check out our guide on how to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts.

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