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How to change your appearance in Wild Hearts

How to change your appearance with the Looking Glass

Want to know how to change your character's appearance in Wild Hearts? Wild Hearts allows players to customise the look of their character at the beginning of the game, using a surprisingly robust and powerful character creation system. There are no gameplay choices in character creation, no classes or weapons or perks to pick. Everything comes down to appearance.

But what if, several hours into Wild Hearts, you find yourself no longer entirely satisfied with your character's look? Is there a way to change your appearance after character creation? The answer is yes, using a particular Dragon Karakuri named the Looking Glass - and on this page, we'll explain exactly how you can do so.

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How to change appearance in Wild Hearts

To change your character's appearance after character creation, you need to unlock the Looking Glass Karakuri. To do this, open up the map menu and select the Karakuri tab at the top of the screen. To easily find the Looking Glass Karakuri, hover over the Hunter's Tent Karakuri at the very top of the upgrade tree, and then move down 17 times.

The Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri is a mirror which the player can interact with in order to open up the character creation screen once again, and customise their appearance. It costs 1,500 Kemono Orbs to unlock this Karakuri in the tree, and you'll also need to obtain all the prerequisite upgrades first - no jumping ahead, unfortunately.

The Karakuri upgrade tree window in Wild Hearts, with the Looking Glass Karakuri upgrade highlighted.

The Looking Glass itself can be placed down just like any other Dragon Karakuri, wherever you have a nearby Dragon Pit with enough spare resources to afford the Looking Glass's cost. But because of its high Earth cost, it's usually best to place one down inside the town of Minato somewhere. Elemental restrictions don't apply in Minato, so you can place down as many Karakuri as you like. After you've placed one down, you'll be able to modify the look of your character for free, anytime you want!

That wraps up this quick primer on how you can change your character's appearance after character creation in Wild Hearts. If you've got a bit of a trek before you reach the Looking Glass Karakuri in the upgrade tree, then you'd best prepare yourself for the upcoming Kemono fights by learning how to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts. You can also take a look at our Wild Hearts best armor guide, and if you need some help defeating the early bosses of the game, consult our walkthroughs on how to beat the Ragetail and Sapscourge in Wild Hearts.

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