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Wild Hearts Hunter's Arm: How do you use it?

Here's why you should be using the Hunter's Arm in Wild Hearts

How do you use the Hunter's Arm in Wild Hearts? The Hunter's Arm is an attack that you can use at specific moments during a boss fight in monster-hunting RPG Wild Hearts, and it's a very powerful one. If you're not yet using it in your fights, consider this guide a good starting point.

Below we'll walk you through what the Hunter's Arm actually does in Wild Hearts, and how to use it to gain a real advantage in a fight against any Giant Kemono, from the lowly Ragetail to the mighty Amaterasu and beyond.

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What is the Hunter's Arm in Wild Hearts?

The Hunter's Arm is an innate weapon that you can use against any large boss Kemono of Wild Hearts, no matter what other gear you might be using. You don't have to equip it - it's always with you, from the very start of the game.

The Hunter's Arm allows you to grapple onto specific parts of a Giant Kemono and wrench your hand inside, stunning the creature and supplying yourself with a huge amount of Karakuri Thread for constructing Wild Hearts Karakuri on the fly. Any Karakuri Thread you obtain is added on top of the maximum Thread you can normally carry.

In other words, if you can only carry 12 Karakuri Thread and you use your Hunter's Arm on a Kemono, then you can still end up with 30-35 Karakuri Thread total. This extra Thread persists until you use it, or until you complete your quest, die, or travel to a different region.

A massive fire-gorilla screams at three warriors in Wild Hearts.

So using your Hunter's Arm is an extremely powerful technique in Wild Hearts. Not only does it momentarily stagger your prey, but it gives you a huge amount of Thread with which you can throw down tonnes of Karakuri to help you defeat your Kemono quarry.

How to use the Hunter's Arm

To use your Hunter's Arm, first you need to damage your target Kemono until a bright blue spot appears somewhere on its body. This is a weak spot where you can use your Hunter's Arm to extract Karakuri Thread.

To grapple onto a Kemono, jump towards it and hold your run/grab button to grab onto the creature, just as you would grapple onto the side of a wall.

The player runs towards a wounded Sapscourge boss in Wild Hearts. A bright blue weak spot on the creature's leg is highlighted with a yellow circle.
These bright blue spots are where you need to grapple onto in order to use your Hunter's Arm.

After this you need to shift along until you're on top of the bright blue weak spot. This is the challenging part, because moving is slow and takes lots of stamina, and you can easily be thrown around by the monster's erratic movements. It's better to try and jump directly onto the weak spot from the ground if you can.

When you're positioned over the blue weak spot, a button prompt will appear, prompting you to use your interact button to engage your Hunter's Arm. Press this button to reach inside and withdraw the Karakuri Thread from the creature, stunning it and giving yourself a lot of extra Thread in the space of a moment.

That's really all there is to using your powerful Hunter's Arm skill in Wild Hearts. It's a great technique that you can apply to any Giant Kemono fight, but of course you'll need to do the bulk of the work with your other equipment. Consult our guide on the best armor and best weapons in Wild Hearts to give yourself a strong footing in the gear department.

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