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How to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts

Here's how to unlock the Claw Blade, Hand Cannon, and Karakuri Staff in Wild Hearts

How do you unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts? If you've played an hour or so of Omega Force's new RPG Wild Hearts, you may have noticed that when crafting new weapons at the Blacksmith there are three weapon types that you can't yet create. You can't even see what they are. What gives?

All eight of the weapon types in Wild Hearts are very complex and powerful, and well-suited to certain playstyles and situations. So if you really want to give yourself the best chance against all the Kemono stalking the world of Wild Hearts, then you should unlock the remaining three weapons as quickly as possible. These weapons are the Claw Blade, the Hand Cannon, and the Karakuri Staff - and honestly, they're well worth the wait.

Below we'll walk you through exactly what you need to do to unlock the new weapons in Wild Hearts, so that you can get stuck into trying them out and finding the weapon that suits you as early on in the story as possible.

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How to unlock more weapons in Wild Hearts

When you first begin Wild Hearts, your player only has one weapon - the versatile Karakuri Katana. While this weapon is very powerful and perfectly viable for taking all the way through the game, it's not the best weapon in Wild Hearts. So you'll of course want to unlock other weapon types as soon as you can.

Soon after you meet Natsume the Blacksmith, you'll be able to craft a Forge at your camp, which you can use to craft new weapons. This gives you a choice of four more weapon types: the Kaduchi, the Bow, the Maul, and the Bladed Wagasa. But the remaining three weapon type slots will remain locked to you.

To unlock all the weapons in Wild Hearts, you need to complete Chapter 1 of the story. Here's exactly what to do in order to complete Chapter 1 and unlock the remaining weapons:

  1. Successfully hunt the Kingtusk to unlock access to the village of Minato.
  2. Travel to Natsukodachi Island (the second region) and defeat the Spineglider.
  3. Complete the main quests to defeat the Lavaback and the Gritdog.
  4. Complete the mission involving the Earthshaker.
  5. After the festival, speak to Natsume at the Forge.
A screenshot of one of the Kemono beasts from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force's upcoming monster hunting game Wild Hearts

Complete these steps, and once you've spoken to Natsume you'll be able to craft the three new weapons at the Forge: the Claw Blade, the Hand Cannon, and the Karakuri Staff. If you want to try out any of these weapons after crafting them, you can feel free to slice or blast up the training dummy in either Minato or your starter camp in the first region.

That's all there is to the mystery of how to unlock all the weapon types in Wild Hearts. All the weapons so far, that is! The devs at Omega Force have revealed that new free content updates will add entirely new weapon types to the game, the earliest of which is coming sometime in March. Not long to wait! If you're just starting out playing Wild Hearts, then you've got a bit of a journey ahead of you before you can start playing with every weapon. For a bit of help, check out our guide on how to beat the Ragetail in Wild Hearts.

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