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Wild Hearts release time: When can you start the EA Play trial?

When can you start playing Wild Hearts in each region?

When can you start playing Wild Hearts? Wild Hearts looks set to be one of the most promising Monster Hunter-esque games in recent times that wasn't released by Capcom. Set in a perilous fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan, players can band together or embark solo on monster hunting missions against gigantic Kemono, using both their weapons and the unique Karakuri - deployable buildings and traps that can help control the battlefield.

If you're raring to get stuck into a spot of hunting, don't fret. Below we'll walk you through the exact Wild Hearts release time in each region, and we'll also show you how you can get Early Access and start playing Wild Hearts right now.

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Wild Hearts release time on PC

Wild Hearts releases on February 16th at 7am PT on PC. However, if you have an EA Play subscription then you'll gain Early Access to a 10-hour trial (more on this below).

Here is the Wild Hearts release time on PC for various timezones:

  • West Coast US: 7am PT
  • East Coast US: 10am EST
  • UK: 3pm GMT
  • Europe: 4pm CET

Wild Hearts release time on console

Wild Hearts is also playable on console (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S), but the release time on console is separate from the PC release time. If you're on console, you can play Wild Hearts from midnight on Friday February 17th in each timezone.

This means that console release is not simultaneous across the world - with the game releasing at midnight in each region, it means players in Australia (for example) will be able to play sooner than the rest of the world.

A warrior prepares to fight a big pig with an razor-umbrella in Wild Hearts.

When can you play the Wild Hearts EA Play trial?

If you have an EA Play membership subscription then you can play Wild Hearts on PC right now as part of the game's 10-hour free trial on the EA App. You can also play Wild Hearts early with a Game Pass PC subscription, because it contains an EA Play subscription.

Remember that the Wild Hearts free trial on EA Play only lasts for 10 hours of game time, so you won't be able to get more than 10 hours ahead of the rest of the world. Also, if you haven't bought the full game, then you will only be able to progress past the first three bosses before you'll be prompted to purchase the game in full to continue playing. Otherwise you can still continue to potter around for the remainder of your 10-hour trial in the starting area.

So if you want to play Wild Hearts ahead of its official release, you'll need to either purchase yourself an EA Play membership subscription for £4/$5 per month (or £20/$30 per year), or subscribe to Game Pass on PC for £8/$10 a month (or £1/$1 if it's your first month).

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