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Wild Hearts shows off more of its giant-monster battling technology in new gameplay trailer

That's one big pig

Upcoming monster-hunting but not Monster Hunter game Wild Hearts has debuted seven minutes of gameplay, which gives us a proper look at how the game’s wooden tech can help take down its hulking prey. It also reveals some co-op hunting action for the first time. Take a look at the footage below, and try not to giggle when the sproingy hammer whacks the giant piggy.

Monster-hunting fest Wild Hearts is out in February.Watch on YouTube

Wild Hearts is all about thwacking colossal critters upside the head with large swords. They aren’t going to finish these beasties, called Kemono, off by themselves though. You’ll need to use Wild Hearts’ wooden Karakuri technology to help you finish the job. It’s probably worth calling on some chums to help out too, which is where the co-op comes in. All that stuff’s in play in the trailer above, where players take on the Kemono boar Kingtusk. Good strong name, there.

Wild Hearts seems to have a pleasant amount of verticality to it, and I should note that the personal helicopter can be used to get around its world as well as during combat. That reverse zipline thing would be amazing for getting to the shops quickly on a weekend too. The scale of the pig is genuinely massive, so having the ability to jump up high and use Karakuri platforms to boost your character above Kemono is useful.

Speaking of Kemono, Kingtusk has a cool design. I’m digging his fiery gnashers when he’s enraged, and gnarled root-like tail. Your character can do some handy Souls-esque rolling to dive underneath Kemono for attacks on their underbellies as well as all the death-from-above shenanigans afforded by Karakuri platforms. It seems like some Karakuri set off discrete animations when they’re activated too, which are a nice touch. There’s even a snazzy victory finisher when Kingtusk’s finally taken down.

EA and Koei Tecmo announced they were working together on a new monster-hunting game at the start of last month, revealed as Wild Hearts last week. The game’s an EA Original, which is a title previously reserved for indie games from smaller studios than its creators Omega Force. They’re known for the similarly fantasy, monster-hunting Toukiden games, as well as their Musou series Dynasty Warriors. From what both companies have said, it very much sounds like this is a deal to publish Wild Hearts outside of Japan, which doesn’t seem in keeping with what EA Originals were set up for.

Wild Hearts whirs its little wooden helicopter onto Steam, Origin and the Epic Games Store on February 17th 2023, and should cost $70 (UK pricing TBC).

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