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Latest Witcher 3 Patch Has *13 Pages* Of Notes

600 fixes

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [official site] patch 1.10 is a bit of a monster, it seems. It comprises some 600 fixes, none of which appear to be major but suggest an impressive commitment to refining an already slick game. If you want to find out what they all are, then you'll need to sit down with large mug of tea and this here 13-page PDF file.

Incredibly, that 13-page doc apparently isn't even exhaustive. Devs CD Projekt attempt to summarise the changes like so: "fixes for a load of quests, optimizations that'll make things smoother on PC and consoles, over one hundred fifty stability improvements to iron out hiccups, additional conversations with key characters that will enhance your relationships with them as well as the story as a whole, and a major and much-awaited fix that should take a good bit of the pain out of dealing with items in the Inventory by improving how items are ordered and sorted."

The inventory stuff sounds most appealing - organisation and buying the right stuff was probably Wild Hunt's biggest headache in its original form. They've already made buying the right ingredients for recipes a whole lot easier, and hopefully now there'll be less endless scrolling through bits and bobs to work out what does what and what can safely be sold. I'm keen to see what the optimizations and stability improvements do too - I come frustratingly short of the hallowed 60FPS on max settings (bar the ever-destructive HairWorks stuff), and while that doesn't alter my monster-bothering experience in practice, dammit, it's the principle, innit?

Patch 1.10 should be sticking itself onto your PC and hour now. My game's still at version 1.08 so I guess it's not out quite yet despite some talk of it having happened yesterday, but we're told to expect a download of between 6 and 15 GB 'depending on platform' say CDP, by which they presumably mean download service.

CDP do seem determined to go big on everything these days, even declaring that their next project, sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077 will be even bigger than the already enormous Witcher 3. Man alive, where does anyone find the time?

More scandalously, I couldn't find even a single gag in the 13 page patch notes. Step up your game, CDP.

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