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Wordle too easy? Try solving four grids at once in Quordle

Don't worry, you get nine tries!

By now, I'm sure you have your Wordle strats down pat. You solve the daily puzzle on the pot during your morning wee, and have posted your boast to the family WhatsApp group before you even wipe (another three-solve? yawn!). Friendo, what you need is Quordle. This Wordle variant makes you guess four words on four grids at the same time. That'll get you thinking again.

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You can play Quordle for free on its site. The layout is a little overwhelming at first but yup, that's four Wordles at once alright. You do at least get nine guesses to nail them all. Along with the obligatory daily puzzle which is the same for all players, it has a practice mode so you can get used to Quordle's quirks.

Quordle is inspired by the Wordle variant Dordle, which has two grids. Only two! Laughable. David Mah created an initial prototype of Quordle in January for that four-grid goodness, then Freddie Meyer took over and here we are today.

I've enjoyed seeing loads of Wordle variants spring up. It's interesting to see twists on a familiar formula, as designers try to spice it up, re-use the formula for something new, or just make daft jokes. Semantle is a super hard version where words can be any length and the only indication of progress is a neural network's estimate of how close you are conceptually to the answer. Letterle makes you guess a single letter, which makes winning statistically very difficult. Nerdle is Wordle with maths, as is Mathle. Worldle has you guess countries based on their silhouettes.

It's like how I'm delighted by Pippin Barr making many variants of games including Chess, Breakout, and Pong. Or how many indie games in the late noughties and early tensies were Super Mario variants, hey-o!

Disclosure: I know Letterle dev Ed Jefferson a bit.

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