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World Of Goo(d News): Euro Release Imminent

Updated below.

Good news, Euro-people. World of Goo is officially reaching our shores this December. Now, obviously you're sensible enough to have bought the game directly from the 2D BOY site, so haven't had to wait. But you might know someone silly enough to have not done that for some stupid reason, and now you can let them know the news.

2D BOY have rejiggled the deal they made with their Euro distributors, which has led to the game not only now getting a Wiiware release as well as retail for the Wii, but also getting clearance to be back up on Steam and the rest before the year is out. It'll also be in actual real life shops (whatever they are) by the end of December. You weirdo anti-Paypal types will finally get your hands on a copy of one of 2008's best games.

We've asked for details about the mysterious extra moon levels that were rumoured to be in the Euro version, but now will not be. And when we might see the cursing pack. I'll edit them in when they let us know.

Update: Kyle explains that Chapter 6 is on hold, but that there's interesting things going on in the World of Goo community:

"The elusive Chapter 6 is on hold, and I'm happy to say that all versions of the game will be identical and we won't have to rush to finish extra content just to justify a price tag. If we release any additional content, we will make it available on all platforms, to all people, at the same time. No more of this "region" nonsense.

As long as we're talking about extra content, it might be worth mentioning some of the amazing things our community has done. They have created a level editor, misc parameter editors, a tower viewer, and my favorite - an open translation project to get the game running in as many languages as possible. And it looks like they are actually creating an additional chapter all on their own. To support them, Ron and I are working to make the game more moddable. I'm curious and a little scared to see what they come up with."

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