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World Of Steamy Goo - Update

Hurrah! World Of Goo is finally announced for Steam. It launches on 13th October - next Monday - alongside the launch on 2D Boy's own site. You can read our world exclusive review of the game here. Still not convinced? Try Eurogamer's review.

Aaaand, if you pre-ordered it, and are all upset because you wanted it on Steam, look happy. You pre-order magic key will unlock it on Steam too, come Monday. Add to that the news that it's integrating with Steamworks, and will be launching with eight achievements. And there's lots more places to buy it too...

It's also going to be available on IGN's Direct2Drive, but there's no game page set up there yet. Indie friendly Greenhouse will be selling it. And the game's US PC publishers, Beanstalk, will stick up on their own portal. And finally, you can order the boxed copy from Amazon in the US.

Meanwhile, there's great news about the release of the pre-orders so far. Thousands of copies have been sent out without a spec of DRM on board, and 2D Boy report they've still not seen the game on a single torrent site or upload. That's five days and no one has disrespected their trust in their customers. What a really fantastic thing.

And they're being very sensible about this. If/when it does start to appear, 2D Boy have asked that people let them know where they've seen it. They're treating their release as a significant experiment, looking at the consequences of using no DRM. They state,

"i’d like to end with a request for help: if you see world of goo being freely distributed somewhere, please send us a note about it from our contact page. it’s not something we intend to fight, we’d just like to be able to share the data from this experiment with the rest of the game development community, hopefully to encourage more DRM-free games."

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