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Year Of The Bow Continues In Payday 2 Western DLC

Fling arrows and dynamite

What if The Year of the Bow never ended? Maybe this is simply the modern state of video games: they have cool bows to pling arrows at faces. E3 2012 sparked YotB declarations between games like Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed III, and Crysis 3 but then the bows kept coming, through Shadow of Mordor, Eidolon, and more. Bows are a thing video games just do now.

Having now received the memo, Payday 2 [official site] has added a bow. Its latest DLC weapon pack included the ole arrow-plonger, along with other Wild West weapons and masks and gubbins.

For £3.99 on Steam, The Butcher's Western Pack gives you a Peacemaker .45 revolver, a lever-action rifle, dynamite, four melee weapons in a branding iron, a tomahawk, a pickaxe and a Bowie knife, and that bow, which can fire regular arrows or - gasp! - dynamite.

It also adds new Wild West-y masks and mask patterns and materials, and if you think I won't hold up banks as a bandit with a cowboy hat and a bandanna over my mouth, you don't know me at all.

Most of Payday 2's weapon DLC packs have looked a bit boring to me, but I'm a sucker for bows and revolvers. More themed packs in future would be nice, though it's a slippery slope to a zany goofarama. The user reviews on Steam make the weapons sound functionally not that useful compared to existing weapons though, which is a shame.

The DLC launched yesterday alongside a patch fixing crashes and bugs, as detailed in the notes.

A bow, an oversized revolver, and a chunky pump-action shotgun. That's all I really want from an FPS. Maybe a grappling hook too. Why is that so difficult for so many games?

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